San Francisco, Calif.  (2011) – The remodel of San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal 2 (T2) included three large-scale artworks for the glass facade, entry lobby mezzanine, and post-security area, and two other interactive works were commissioned for the children’s play areas.

For the glass facade that flanks either side of the pedestrian bridge and main entry, the Arts Commission and the Airport chose a work by Norie Sato. Her finished piece, AIR OVER UNDER, explores flight’s inherent, often-contradictory qualities. The piece, which is composed of 120 laminated glass panels each measuring 4 by 10 feet, is both ephemeral and symmetrical, abstract and pictorial, natural and man-made. The piece’s aim is to capture the sense of being both over and under clouds while in a plane, yet what the viewers see depends on their angle and distance from the work. From one viewpoint the painting looks clear; from others it is more abstract and atmospheric. The colors, too, change gradually from blue to green on one side and blue to purple on the other side.