Cornwall, England – As part of the Heartlands project in Cornwall, England, which will transform 19 acres of former tin mining land into a unique cultural and mixed-use community space, British artist Walter Jack has created a retaining wall that appears to defy the laws of physics. The wall, made of solid concrete, appears soft, almost liquid, like a crumpled shower curtain suspended from an invisible rod.

Running 40 meters long and up to four meters high, Crushed Wall is both a functioning retaining wall and a symbol of geology and process, says Jack. Since part of the mission of Heartlands is to recognize the land’s tin mining history, Jack felt that a functional retaining wall was a serendipitous geological choice. On top of that, the wall he created gives the appearance of having been crumpled and disturbed, much like the land was disturbed when it was being actively mined.

Jack also wanted the completed project to embody a sense of how it was made. We wanted our concrete to tell its own story,” said Jack, “to retain the liquidness of its process.Indeed, Jack’s finished piece has an almost kinetic visual quality that turns what could have been a simple wall into a voluptuous work of art.