New Orleans – Louisiana is getting its first interactive sculpture that also functions as a living space. Both a house and a musical instrument, Dithyrambalina is the in-progress creation of the artist Caledonia Dance Curry, who also goes professionally by the name Swoon. She is developing the project with New Orleans Airlift, an artist exchange that “exports” New Orleans artists and “imports” visiting artists like Brooklyn-based Swoon. Swoon is perhaps best known for her fantastical Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea, a series of seven interactive floating sculptures that sailed down the Hudson River in the fall of 2008. Dithyrambalina, however, is her first fantastical living space. It is being developed on an empty lot in New Orleans. “New Orleans has had a lot of hardship and we want to make something that is really celebratory,” says Swoon. “I’ve wanted to create something that had this joyously exuberant, outward-facing, to-the-neighborhood attitude.” When complete, the structure will feature singing walls, percussive floorboards and surprise sound elements around every corner. Visitors will be able to push a button or pull a lever and “play” the house. She is collaborating with mechanical artists and musicians from around the country to create the sound installations. Last fall, Swoon and her collaborators hosted a temporary installation called The Music Box, A Shantytown Sound Laboratory. This pre-installation installation tested the interactive instruments in a series of live performances and public openings.