São Paolo, Brazil – Graffiti artist Bruno Dias is bringing the traditional images of the Brazilian countryside to the streets of São Paolo with his Graffiti Works. With each piece of rustic street art he creates, he’s building a bit of a northern Brazilian village in the heart of the city.

To evoke the feeling of the northern Brazilian countryside, Dias uses the bright colors and floral print motifs found in the art, woodcuts, and clothing of that area. He primarily draws figures and subjects associated with the country—such as animals, fruit, and traditional images from mythological scenes—in his playful, tropical style. Dias is not alone in finding inspiration in traditional Brazilian images; in recent years, the Brazilian street art scene has become known for its use of Brazil’s own history and culture.

The northern Brazilian countryside is a relatively impoverished area, and that aspect of the culture also infuses Dias’s art. He approaches his creations in a very improvisational way, which he likens to the way people in the countryside must “improvise every day to survive—more so than those who grow up in comfortable surroundings.”

Dias hopes that by creating a “village” in the city, he will spark urbanites to think about the challenges facing the country. He also hopes to prompt all viewers to reflect on the ideas of national identity and culture, and the urban and rural environments all around us.