Miami, Fla. – In a new installation at the MetroRail hub station at the Stephen Clark Government Center Lobby in Miami, Florida, visitors help create the art.

Reflection is an interactive light installation by the American artist Ivan Toth Depeña. The piece uses infrared cameras to absorb the movement of current visitors. Then the installation is engineered to abstract the movement it records and project it back to the observer in real time.

The images appear as bursts of bright, abstracted color on a series of six large LED light boxes spread across the lobby. The software running the program also records past movement so that it can create dynamic light displays even when there are no visitors in the lobby. Similarly, several recording columns were placed in a nearby public plaza, recording the outdoor activity and blurring the boundary between transit hall and park. The displayed images also change based on time of day and current number of visitors.

This joyful installation is both a mirror and a memory. It encourages MetroRail commuters to contemplate time and memory and space, all while it brings a smile to their faces. It was commissioned by the Miami-Dade Art in Public Places initiative and installed this past November.