Months after surviving Hurricane Sandy, the cities of New York and New Jersey continue to come to terms with the loss and devastation they endured last October. The destruction of much of the iconic boardwalks lining their shores came as an especially hard blow, breaking the hearts of many who looked to these boardwalks as a symbol and lifeline of their community.

For this year’s Times Square Valentine Heart Design, presented by the Times Square Alliance, Brooklyn-based Situ Studio constructed a heart from salvaged pieces of boardwalk to represent the love that binds us together during difficult times. This heart is crafted from two ribbons of slated boards that rise from the street to create an enclosed space. Interior lighting provides a warm glow that beckons you inside its protective walls. Here, in one of the busiest intersections of the world, visitors are invited to once again walk upon pieces of their beloved boardwalk into the re-assembled heart of the city. Situ Studio’s Heartwalk serves as a symbol both of Hurricane Sandy’s transformation of many familiar places and of the ever-enduring spirit of New York. Check out Situ Studio’s Instagram aggregator for more images.

Meanwhile, in Davie, Florida, The Young at Art Museum and Broward County Library are celebrating Valentine’s Day with their recently acquired installation I LOVE YOU. Dedicated this past summer, the large scale installation by Roberto Behar & Rosario Marquardt features five colorful flower-shaped benches to accompany the 10 ft. tall letters. “Like Alice and Wonderland, who changes scale to transform through her dreams, her perception of reality, I LOVE YOU provides physical evidence of the fantasy as part of daily life,” share the duo of R & R Studios.