Duncan, British Columbia (2013) – Artist Tyler Hodgins has created a series of ice sculptures aimed at generating discussion surrounding the issue of homelessness. Titled Sleeping Bag Project, the sculptures take the form of a person huddled in a sleeping bag, and are placed on public benches. Hodgins creates the sculptures using a rubber mold, ice, and tempera paint. When the ice melts away, the colored pigment leaves a light trace behind. The sculptures were previously commissioned by the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria for a 2012 group show, Throw Down, but two were recreated for display on public benches in Duncan in October 2013. One was on display at the Vancouver Island University in Duncan, and another in downtown Duncan. Both melted away over the course of several days.

Read about the Homeless Remembrance Project, which also addresses the issue of homelessness, in Jacqueline White’s article in Public Art Review issue 48.