FALKIRK, Scotland (2014) – Before the development of modern technology, horses were the mainstay of Scotland’s industry, agriculture and transport. Artist Andy Scott commemorates these industrious animals with The Kelpies, a pair of monumental steel equine sculptures. “The Kelpies title comes from mythological Scottish sea horses, but from that starting point I developed them towards a monument to the great working horses of Scotland,” Scott says. The Kelpies are the landmark sculptures for a new parklands development in central Scotland called The Helix, which encompasses hundreds of acres of green space, walking and biking trails, a new stretch of canal, community projects, and sustainability initiatives.

Installed in November 2013, The Kelpies straddle the Forth and Clyde Canal. The sculptures stand at 100 feet high and weigh 300 tons each. The project took eight years, and the combined efforts of dozens of project managers, riggers, engineers, lighting designers, installation crews and welders to complete. The Kelpies will be formally unveiled on April 21, 2014.