At first glance, Fallen Star looks like a house deposited onto a building by a tornado, Wizard of Oz–style. Except San Diego is not known for its violent storms. In fact, it is a sculpture installation by Do Ho Suh on the roof of Jacobs Hall on the University of California–San Diego campus. Fallen Star, unveiled on June 7, is the latest permanent sculpture commissioned by the Stuart Collection of UCSD. Suh, a native of South Korea, explores concepts of displacement in much of his work, and Fallen Star is no exception. It is a 15-by-18-foot home, fully furnished and complete with a garden. Suh modeled the house after one in his former neighborhood in Providence, Rhode Island, and while it looks cozy and serene, it is seven stories up and tilts by about five degrees. So while visitors experience comforting reminders of home, they are physically unsettled by the tilt and by the drop that exists right outside. This dichotomy results in one of Suh’s intentions—to startle us into thinking more deeply about our surroundings.