Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, best known for his giant inflatable Rubber Duck that has floated down waterways across the world, has taken to sea once again with his new work HippopoThames. This wooden cartoon hippopotamus is a piece of public artwork commissioned by the Thames Festival Trust for London’s Totally Thames Festival.

The festival seeks to celebrate the River Thames with month long arts and cultural celebration that includes over 100 river-related events along its 42 mile course through the city. HippopoThames was inspired by the little-known fact that during prehistoric times, hippos called the Thames home. The cartoon sculpture will bring smiles to river-lovers through September 29.

Hofman also recently completed Moon Rabbit, an oversized stuffed bunny laid across a bunker in Taiwan, for the Taoyuan Landscape Art Festival. The 25 m sculpture caught fire just a few days ago as workers were dismantling it. After several installments of Rubber Duck met similarly unfortunate ends, we have our fingers crossed that HippopoThames will have a long and fruitful existence.

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