Folkestone, U.K. (2014) – German artist Michael Sailstorfer tackles our thirst for fortune, adventure, and play in his recent work Follkstone Digs, part of the third edition of the Folkstone Triennial in the southeast coast of England.

The project began with a press announcement declaring that $17,000 worth of gold bars are buried in the sand at Folkestone’s Harbour Beach. Whoever finds one is welcome to keep it. So far hundreds have traveled to try their luck, with four bars already uncovered. The performative act of digging effects poetic statements about dreams, toil, and public space, while also creating interesting marks across the beach. The inevitable rolling tide obscures any progress that has been made each day.

Other public artworks by such renowned international artists as Yoko Ono, Andy Goldsworthy, and Pablo Bronstein will be on display through November 2, 2014. The Folkstone Triennial commissions both temporary and permanent artworks, as well as invites the public to participate in talks, conferences, field trips, artist events, and workshops.


Find out more on the Folkstone Triennial website.