The third annual New Media Night Festival, which celebrates temporary, site-specific light and sound art, brought some exceptionally progressive public displays to life this past summer. Set in the Nikola-Lenivets Art Park located about 125 miles from Moscow, the festival utilizes the existing 28 landscape installations as its canvas. Every year, different artists are invited to create momentary performances that meld an appreciation for both nature and technology.

Opening the event was the spectacular video mapping show put together by Russian multimedia and design group Radugadesign. Video mapping is a complex technique that allows any 3D surface, including interweaving lines, to serve as a video display. Projected against Nikolay Polissky’s tangled and unbelievably sophisticated Universal Mind (2012), Radugadesign used color, rhythm and contrast to take the audience on a digital journey unlike any other. Electronic music by Mexican artist Murcof further set the scene.

For more images of the festival, visit the 2014 New Media Night webpage.

Video courtesy Radugadesign (