Earth Peace was Yoko Ono’s simple text work installed creatively throughout the Folkestone Triennial in England this fall. It included billboards, a stone slab, a flag, and a morse code light beam projection that shone across the English Channel. This light beam spoke to Folkestone’s role in the First World War as an important embarkation point for soldiers bound for the Western Front. Earth Peace was also printed on buttons, posters, stickers, and postcards to allow people to easily spread its message and show their support for peace.

Skyladder, also at Folkestone, was one of Ono’s instruction pieces she began exhibiting in the 1960s. These instructions can be viewed much like a musical score. In these pieces, Ono acts as composer and invites the viewer to play “musician” by interpreting her words into actions. Skyladder uses the stepladder as a symbol both for aspiration and imagination, important recurring themes in Ono’s work.

Read more on the Folkestone Triennial website and see Earth Peace in the latest issue of Public Art Review.