Kansas City, Missouri – Kansas City native Robert Morris returned to his hometown last spring for the installation of Glass Labyrinth at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s Donald J. Hall Sculpture Park. The triangular seven-foot-tall labyrinth spans 62-feet in length and weighs more than 400 tons. It is the artist’s first permanent labyrinth installed in the United States from his ongoing labyrinth series.

Morris is known for his significant contributions to the development of Minimalism, Process Art and Land art during the 1960s and 70s. Throughout his career, he has focused heavily on facilitating viewer participation and Glass Labyrinth is no exception. As Antonia Boström, the museum’s director of curatorial affairs, has said, “This sculpture encompasses many things: engagement, participation, a spirit of theatricality, and also pushes boundaries between an art object and personal experience.”

This deceptively simple structure required a large team and much ingenuity to put together. Now it stands as a welcoming geometric meditation for one to become momentarily lost in order to reconnect with the inner self.