EL PASO, Texas – Completed in 2014, the large-scale Airway Aesthetic Improvement Project (Airway) by Vicki Scuri builds upon existing infrastructure to form a gateway to El Paso International Airport and downtown. Airway extends over 2,000 linear feet and consists of 50-foot, functional, illuminated wind turbines with customized radial armatures, low illuminated sculptures, arched planters for native plants, and a variety of other lighting and paving elements. By generating wind power and incorporating xeriscaping, landscaping that conserves water, Airway takes advantage of local ecology to promote sustainability. The project’s design refers to images of flight and local plant life and landscape features in addition to industrial and commercial building forms of the area. The City of El Paso commissioned the project with the city’s transportation agency, Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority (CRRMA), and the Texas Department of Transportation. Learn more about this project and Vicki Scuri in her terrific interview with Los Herrajeros.