SLIDE SHOW + VIDEO (2013) – Environmental artist Nicole Dextras works with natural elements to create sculptures and interactive installations, many of which are temporary and endure only in her exquisite photographs.

Some of her most impactful work comes in the form of wearable art that provides one with everything needed to survive. These garments speak about sustainability, community, and the cycle of life.

In Urban Foragers, Dextras constructed dresses that act as shelter, garment, and tool for the urban nomad. Each dress serves a different role, from growing plants to spreading seeds to harvesting the produce around us. The design is based on the function of the dress.

When the dresses and their wearers are brought together, a meal can be prepared and shared amongst the group. This is a beautiful representation of urban communities and society in general: We each play an important, yet limited role. It is only when we come together we have everything we need.

For more information, visit Nicole Dextras’ website.