San Diego, Calif. – An installation of monumental sculptures by the artist Rivelino will stand in San Diego’s Ruocco Park through April 15. Nuestros Silencios (Our Silences) consists of ten eleven-and-a-half-foot figural bronze sculptures arranged in rows. Each figure has a metal plate over its mouth and the figures do not face each other directly, raising issues around freedom of speech. Nuestros Silencios also includes a “Braille Box” containing smaller models of the sculptures that can be touched. This is the first time the artwork—presented by the Port of San Diego and the Consul General of Mexico—has appeared in the United States. Previously it has been shown in fourteen countries, including Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Mexico. Rivelino arranges the sculptures differently depending upon the site, and the work takes on new significance in each context.

Image: Creative Commons license.