Pittsburgh, Penn. – Multimedia artist Jennifer Wen Ma invited people to contemplate the transition from winter to spring with her recent installation in Pittsburgh’s Market Square, A Winter Landscape Cradling Bits of Sparkle.

During the cold spell in February, she brought a small forest of trees into the urban square, painted them black with Chinese ink, and placed glass sculptures among them. The installation was on view through April 12, so it evolved with the change of seasons as the weeping willows, evergreens, bamboos, and flowering fruit trees grew and blossomed.

“A Winter Landscape” also engaged with Pittsburgh’s history, suggesting transformations through creativity and innovation from the scale of the individual to the scale of the city. Jennifer Wen-Ma’s work is the second to have been installed as part of Pittsburgh’s Market Square Public Art program.

Images courtesy Renee Rosensteel and Urbanist Pittsburgh.