Tampa, Fla. – VIDEO Installed in Kiley Gardens as part of this year’s Lights on Tampa, from February 20 to 21, Chicago-based artist collaboration Luftwerk‘s creation, Recurrence, set a 72-foot by 39-foot grid of 84 programmable LED lights on the ground at heights from six to 18 inches. The grid was illuminated in patterns that illustrated the tidal movements of the Hillsborough river at a compressed rate (a seven-day sequence was condensed into a twelve-hour timetable).

As they walked through the installation, visitors heard percussive music composed by Owen Clayton Condon that rose and fell with the same tidal movements.

Recurrence‘s architectural approach to the site and time-based visualization technique invite contemplation of natural features within the urban environment. The installation can be seen in context in the video below.


Video by LightsOnTampa.