Graffiti meets a child’s hand-held flipbook in a 2014 public art installation in Copenhagen, Denmark. For In/Between, Argentinian artist Hyuro created 87 large-scale aluminum panels, each one showing a segment of an animation about a deer, and installed them along a busy roadway in this bustling metropolitan city. As they cruise along the road, drivers experience the panels as a moving mural, seeing the deer run through a forest and emerge on the other side. Hyuro and an assistant painted the entire project by hand in two weeks.

The project, which was sponsored by the artistic community ArtRebels, aimed to bring a sense of childlike wonder to drivers on an otherwise straight and unimaginative stretch of urban road—and to bring a bit of the natural world into the big city. The project was chosen for the site as part of a competition that drew submissions from artists all across the world.