One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, especially in the arts.

As a part of this year’s ELEVATE public art celebration in Downtown Atlanta, Goat Farm Arts Center presented DUMPSTERS. Artists were invited to repurpose these vital and underappreciated receptacles into galleries, interactive installations and performance spaces.

Overall, 10 dumpsters were scattered through the Atlanta cityscape. Transformations included Relay Team’s Social Synth, which covered the container with analog synthesizers and a drum machine available for the public to manipulate. Kevin Byrd built A Grey Thought, a sand-filled environment lit by fluorescent lights that housed dance performances by MaryGrace Phillips. Second Story combined interactive sculpture and social media with magnetic poetry in #TRASHTAG. Kris Pilcher’s Well Wishes brought a secret garden to the urban center. A wishing well gave citizens a chance to share their dreams for the city’s future.

Urban trash receptacles are currently a hot issue with yet another project happening in Austin, Texas. “Professor Dumpster” has taken residency in an ordinary dumpster for a year, renovating along the way, to raise awareness for sustainable living. Visit The Dumpster Project to find out more.