Boston, Mass. – From July 11 – August 26, 2015, the Isles Arts Initiative animated the Boston Harbor Islands with a series of site-specific installations and performances. Aimed to raise awareness of the intrinsic value of the islands, the public art series paired art interventions with inventive performances and a responsive gallery show.

The Boston Harbor Islands, a National and State Park, include 34 islands, approximately 1,600 acres of land, and 35 miles of shoreline that has remained relatively undeveloped. Climate change poses a threat to the islands, which have maintained environmental resources connected to both the natural communities of the intertidal zones and a long history of Native American occupation.

For Cove, eleven regional artists contributed site-responsive installations to an outdoor exhibition occupying 41.3 acres of land on Georges Island.

Seen/Unseen animated 5 miles of trails and 105 acres of land on Spectacle Island. On Saturdays, each of twelve artists came to Spectacle Island by the first ferry, used only what they could carry with them, and returned on the last ferry, leaving the island as they found it. The series included soundscapes by Boston musicians and ensembles, curated by Leah Hennessy, and Time Body Space Objects 4, a performance series curated by Alice Vogler and Vela Phelan, that focused on the theme of commitment. Several other projects, depicted in the slideshow above, recruited visitor participation.

On land at Boston Sculptors Gallery, 34 artists responded to the 34 harbor islands with works that ranged from kinetic sculptures to paintings. Text from Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands mounted besides the artworks informed visitors about each island’s unique history.