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Welcome to the Toolkit

This toolkit will provide you with information and examples of all aspects of public art, from contemporary ideas and resources, to a step by step guide to the entire process of creating public art.  While this toolkit is focused on Minnesota, the resources assembled may serve as a universal guided tour, tracing the steps of a public art work from the codification of the concept, through the planning, community engagement, construction and finally the preservation of the work.  We will explore the breadth of existing works along with introductions to the players in the field of public art in Minnesota, who to confer with for planning, who can build it, and who can preserve the work.  We will spotlight the non-traditional realms of public art, public performances, temporary works, guerrilla style installations and other grassroots forms of public art that engage the community in new ways. Let this toolkit serve as a dash of illumination down the winding path of public art from start to finish, from Ada to Zumbrota, and from your front door out into your community. 

Toolkit Quick Guide

The Forecast Public Art Toolkit is divided into five main sections, each accessible from the tabs at the top of every page or the center navigation column:

Tools: General steps outlining the process of creating public art

What is Public Art?: An exploration of the ideas of public art

Glossary: A guide to the terms of public art

Gallery: Public art images, videos and case studies following public art projects from inception on.

Resources: A collection of information about regional resources, grants and public art programs.

Special resources are included for artists and communities served by Minnesota Regional Arts Councils. To find your Regional Arts Council click here.

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Case Studies

Throughout the toolkit three distinct projects are highlighted as narrative examples of differing public art projects. Click the links below to find out more about each project.

1000 Print SummerSanford Center

Return JourneyReturn Journey

1000 Print Summer1,000 Print Summer

Featured Article

SERVICE MEDIA: Community as Collaborator

How can artists engage others beyond the accepted aesthetic norms of public art? This engaging and collaborative form of public art, which I call "service media," is very different from typical group object-building art workshops, not to mention the simple plopping of a statue on the square. And it is gaining ground.

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Featured Term

What is art in public places?

Art in Public Places: It is useful to distinguish art in public places — art simply placed in a public setting — from “public art,” a practice that thoughtfully and effectively considers the context for art in public.

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Featured Image

Marcus Young, Wishes for the Sky, 2007

Wishes for the Sky