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Public Art in Minnesota

 From the foreward of Public Art in Minnesota, published by Forecast Public Art in 1994.

"... imagine the effect of being surrounded by multiple forms of public art - performances in public places and other forms of temporary public art created by independent artists and community groups, as well as government percent-for-art projects - as a natural part of our public lives. By providing as healthy counterbalance to the barrage of cynical and manipulative media images that have eroded pulbic discussion and a sense of shard purpose, public art - like trees in the natural world - produces the oxygen of our built environment."

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 Reinventing Public Space: Contemporary Placemaking Practices in Berlin

If the definition of placemaking is, as one firm puts it, to "infuse identity into a three-dimensional space," then the practice characterizes a holistic approach to a site. As such, placemaking necessarily transcends the traditional disciplines of urban planning, architecture, landscape architecture, public art, and so on.

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The Living City

Temporary and interventionist art projects that employ “new media” have increasingly entered the urban realm. More and more cities and corporate businesses take advantage of the attention-grabbing qualities of new media-based public art and invest in projects with a clear social, community-building nature.

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Marcus Young, Wishes for the Sky, 2007

Wishes for the Sky