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Sample Documents and Best Practices

This section of will provide you with quick links to specific examples of public art resources

Sample RFQs

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Bemidji Regional Event Center

Plymouth Library Public Art Opportunities

Robert Trail Library Art Feature Project

Sample RFQ Worksheet

Sample Contracts

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Sample Design Contract

Sample Percent for Art Contract

Sample Project Worksheets

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Sample Budget and Funding Worksheet

Sample Education and Outreach Worksheet

Sample Copyright and Credit Attribution Worksheets

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Sample Copyright and Attribution Language

Best Practices

Social Media: the printing press of immediacy

A quick guide on how to frame your project with social media in mind.


Public Art Network: The Public Art Network is a nationwide source of information on public art, including the PAN Listserve and many other resources.

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Best practices summary from the Public Art Network of the Council of Americans for the Arts

Featured Article

 Questions to find a place's meaning

To identify what has real value for people living in the suburbs, it is useful to ask a set of questions that can help find meaning in a place—even in communities that feel they are marginal, nondescript, or recent pasteboard suburban creations.

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Featured Article

Public Art Review #40Speaking of Public Art: Leon Paroissien + Pontus Kyander

Anne Loxley asked Finnish-born curator and critic Pontus Kyanderand and Leon Paroissien, a leader of contemporary arts in the Asia Pacific, their opinions on some key public art issues.

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