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Forecast is available to assess equity in your public art collection

Our equity reviews use comprehensive benchmarking tools to identify inequities in public art collections as related to race, gender, immigration status, and more. We help program administrators, committees and communities identify gaps, prioritize initiatives, set targets and other program goals, assign accountability, and measure the impact of initiatives.

“Forecast’s Public Art Program and Collection Equity Review for St. Louis Park is a valuable assessment with concrete steps to implement and improve our processes, and ultimately our public art collection.”

Sean Walther Planning and Zoning Supervisor, City of St. Louis Park – City of St. Louis Park

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In the midst of this rapidly changing and unpredictable health and economic environment, Forecast continues to do what we do best — provide caring, experienced support to artists, institutions and communities who seek to bring creativity, hope, healing, joy, identity and much more to public spaces across the country.

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Main photo: Featured in Public Art Review, CarryOn Homes is a gathering space that tells immigrant stories, and was the 2018 Minneapolis Creative City Challenge winner. It was later installed as a temporary activation of Saint Paul’s City Hall Plaza during design development for the upcoming Larry Cohen Recognition Project, for which Forecast facilitated artist selection. Photo by Zoe Cinel courtesy CarryOn Homes.