Hong Kong–based artist and activist Kacey Wong questions the politics of space by reimagining housing and other built structures as mobile units. Inspired by spaceship return capsules and David Bowie’s song “Space Oddity,” Wong’s Wandering Space envisions what is possible within a small, adaptable interior. Originally designed as a traveling stage for renowned singer and activist Denise Ho (HOCC) for use during her 2015 mini-concert Reimagine Hong Kong tour, the mobile shelter is attached to a bike and opens up to reveal a stage that a performer can either sit or stand in. The piece has since been further adapted into first a camper, where the artist recently slept one cold winter night on the old Kai Tak Airport runway. Wong then used it as a mobile hawker stall from which he distributed waffles in support of this Hong Kong tradition that is rapidly disappearing under new strict laws.

Megan Guerber is a freelance arts writer and American Craft‘s assistant editor.

Featured in Public Art Review #54.