Forecast Public Art and the Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ) seek artists/muralists to participate in inaugural week-long mural festival in Saint Paul, Minnesota from September 7-14, 2019


CHROMA ZONE is Minnesota’s first and largest public mural festival. Located in the state’s premier creative hub, the Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ) in Saint Paul. CHROMA ZONE is a week-long celebration of muralism and street art. The festival is an inclusive event intended for all cultures, genders, ages and abilities. This first annual event is free for all ages to enjoy a new outdoor gallery in the heart of the city.

The Creative Enterprise Zone, located mid-city between downtown Saint Paul and Minneapolis, has the goal to be a recognized center of creativity and enterprise, a place where people make a living by their creative capacities. Led by the CEZ, the festival is produced in partnership with Minnesota-based non-profit arts organization, Forecast Public Art, and artist-led design studio, Burlesque of North America.

Additional events include:

  • live music and block parties
  • live artist battles
  • artist workshops, talks, and panels
  • print launches
  • gallery shows
  • pop-up retail shops
  • guided mural tours



All selected artists are compensated for their work. We plan to engage a majority of Minnesota artists because we want to cultivate talent regionally, but also because we have a limited travel budget. If you’re able to cover your own travel and accommodations, it makes it much easier for us to consider bringing in more artists from out of town.


  • supply artists and/or artist groups with materials such as paint, paint brushes, lifts, ladders, and/or scaffolding.
  • secure any building permits, licenses or approval necessary for the lawful creation and execution of the work, including payment of all fees.
  • provide select out-of-town artists with lodging and meals during the festival, as well as some reimbursement of related travel expenses, financial compensation, and/or liability insurance pursuant to the Final Mural Agreement.



Deadline May 3, 2019 11:59 PM CST



Forecast will review artists’ qualifications. Selection of participants will be be based upon—but not limited to—the following criteria:

  • Appropriateness of qualifications for the project–applicants having 2+ years of experience painting large-scale, outdoor murals are preferred;
  • Artistic merit of body of work samples;
  • Strong conceptual skills with innovative and effective approaches demonstrated in their projects;
  • Potential for artist’s work to enrich the City of St. Paul’s Creative Enterprise Zone;
  • Probability of successful execution and completion of project within the proposed time frame;
  • Effective communication and organizational skills; and
  • Completeness of application.

Open to artists 18 years or older residing in the United States.


All murals must be painted between September 7, 2019 and September 14, 2019. All work must be completed by September 14, 2019.


ARTIST AGREEMENT              

Selected artists will be required to sign and comply with the Final Mural Agreement.


  • The artist must be able to keep the content of their work “family friendly,” no nudity or any offensive material. The artist will be asked to refrain from painting anything that defames or invades the rights of any person, living or dead; or anything that could be construed as harmful to a third party.
  • Selected artists may be asked to submit details, models, or plans of their eventual piece.

Questions? Contact

Selections will be announced by June 5, 2019


Public art plays a crucial role in shaping culturally vibrant and sustainable communities. Public art offers opportunities for community collaboration, for ideas to shape our environment and to influence change. It is our value at Forecast Public Art that our staff, board members, grantees, applicants and panelists reflect the racial, cultural, gender, artistic, and geographic diversity of our state, and the stories and perspectives of the artists and communities we serve through public art. Artists of color are strongly encouraged to apply.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How will artists be selected?

Artist applications will be reviewed and final selections will be made by the Chroma Zone artistic team. Selections will be based on the previous work and portfolios submitted. We will be selecting 10-12 professional artists/teams reflecting a mix of local, regional, and national talent. A majority of artists selected for the inaugural year of Chroma Zone are likely to be Twin Cities/Minnesota-based artists. Successful applicants will be contacted before May 30th, 2019.


Are your Artists paid? How much? Do you help with travel?

All artists are paid fairly for their participation in the festival. All supplies and equipment are provided by the festival. Each artist will be compensated based on the size and scope of their mural. We are budgeting between $500-$1500 per mural for artist fees. Payments to participating artists will be made upon the successful and timely completion of their murals. The festival is able to provide some assistance with travel expenses for out-of-town artists.


Where are the walls? How do artists work with building owners?

All walls are pre-selected by the artistic team on private property in the Creative Enterprise Zone in St. Paul, Minnesota. Permits, wall agreements and pre-planning will be the responsibility of the Chroma Zone artistic and operations teams. Walls are selected based on accessibility for artists and equipment, size, composition, exposure, and other factors.


If selected, when would I need to be in St. Paul, Minnesota?

Participating artists must be available to attend the festival opening on Friday, September 6, 2019. Painting could begin earlier, depending on availability of the wall and the artists. Selected artists are expected to work on site for the duration of the festival; if work is completed early, the artist should plan to be available to the public during the festival and attend festival-related events.


What if I am painting my own mural in the Twin Cities? Can I be involved?

Anyone who is planning to paint a mural in the boundaries of the Creative Enterprise Zone before or during the festival are encouraged to apply to be considered part of the festival or to be included in the festival brochure.



Please note:

No gratuitous violence, racism, or hateful content is permitted and the mural shall not include any logos, advertising, political, or religious messages.


ChromaZone informational poster PDF Download