COVID-19 Artist Resources
Forecast is highly attuned to the economic impact of the pandemic on artists. We’ve made Public Art Review free, and are compiling and providing other artist resources, including lists of emergency relief and opportunities, a new toolkit of creative alternatives to in-person arts-based activities to keep people working and events moving forward.

Public Art Opportunities
View a list of public art opportunities including Requests for Qualifications (RFQs), grants, other calls for entry, as well as employment, fellowship, workshop, conference, and volunteer opportunities.

Public Art Library
Forecast’s resources include a library of thousands of books, videos, artist resources, and more. Browse the catalog online, and/or contact Jen Dolen to reserve time to visit our extensive library of public art materials, (651) 641-1128 or Please note that the library is currently closed for appointments, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Further Resources
Want to understand more about how public art can work in your community? Our Resources page provides many useful public art resources, including the Forecast Public Art and Public Art Review archives at the University of Minnesota Libraries, and more.

We’re updating our artist database

Fill out our artist survey to ensure we have up-to-date information about your creative practice so that, as opportunities arise, we may send out what is most relevant to you.


Our experienced staff consult with artists on a sliding fee basis on such topics as career planning, project proposals, project management, and logistical questions that arise while creating public work.

Contact with questions.