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Celebrating 40 Years

What an incredible 40 years it has been! Since 1978, Forecast has grown to be respected international leader, published 57 issues of our award-winning magazine Public Art Review, provided grant funding to more than 300 artists, supported hundreds more artists and professionals with training and professional development, and helped countless communities across the country and around the globe create transformative, accessible art in public space.

Who owns public art?

The debate about privately owned public art continues | Homecoming! Committee, Fort Worth, Texas

Signs of Things to Come

A dystopian elaboration of President Trump’s stance on immigration | Plastic Jesus, multiple cities

The Art Department

Artists and allies create a “culture ministry” for America | Adam Horowitz and Arlene Goldbard

Partners in City Hall

Spearheading a quiet revolution in public art | Public Art Saint Paul, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Sea Cemetery

A floating memorial to Syrian refugees | BWA ISTANBUL and Support to Life, Turkish coast