Entries by Jen Dolen

Hotel Empire: The New York Crossing

In their performance piece Hotel Empire: The New York Crossing, Laurent Boijeot and Sébastien Renauld moved portable furniture and bedding—here set up in Times Square—about five blocks every day.


Perception, eL Seed’s massive Arabic calligraffiti mural in Cairo, is visible as a whole from only one place: a Coptic church in a cave on Mokottam Mountain. The artwork was intended to open a dialogue about the Zaraeeb, a little-known community of Coptic Christians who are master recyclers.

Wind Telephone

An unconnected rotary phone provides a place of solace to speak with lost loved ones | Itaru Sasaki, Ōtsuchi, Japan.

barrangal dyara (skin and bones)

In Sydney, Australia’s Garden Palace, Jonathan Jones’s installation barrangal dyara called attention to lost Aboriginal history with 15,000 white replicas of Aboriginal shields, a meadow of native kangaroo grass in the center, and a soundscape of youth speaking eight Aboriginal languages.