Djerbahood: Art in the Arab Street

An innovative and ambitious festival brings more than 100 street artists, from 30 countries, to Tunisia.

Performing a Post-Prison Economy

Theater has the power to dispel fixed ideas about community renewal | Ashley Hanson, Appleton, MN

A derelict church becomes an art-energized community center

An affordable-housing agency runs an art/performance venue | Cook Inlet Housing Authority, Anchorage

Three artist-activists help a neighborhood dream about, and develop, its economic future

Clarifying the permitting process while celebrating community | Las Imaginistas, Brownsville, TX

A community revives a building abandoned after a fire

A historic building sat vacant for years; an artist turned it into a temporary performance space. | Heather Clark, Frederick, MD

Creating a downtown event space after a natural disaster

A temporary, visually engaging community events venue built by volunteers in a post-disaster city | Gap Filler, Christchurch

Producing Community through Crafted Conversations

Expanding the definition of what artists can do | Sara Daleiden, Milwaukee, WI

An Island Reborn

Public art stands to make a vital placemaking role | Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA

Norway’s big investment in public art

Public art blossoms with Norway’s percent-for-art program | Oslo, Norway

Ethical Redevelopment

What if cities were designed as if people mattered? | Theaster Gates, Place Lab