Hard in the Paint

Student drawings of dream basketball courts incorporated into design for a 20,000 sq-ft mural covering a community court | Maria Molteni, Boston, Massachusetts
A colorful mosaic mural climbs up a white wall

The Tree Inside Me

Commissioned for a new school entrance, a mosaic mural represents a sheltering haven for children to learn and grow | Sandy Litchfield, The Bronx, New York

A Cultural Park for the Health of the Kids

Joseph Claunch of the Zuni Youth Enrichment Project describes how Zuni artists led the development of Ho’n A:wan Community Park

Little Free Library

Margret Aldrich tracks the staggering growth of the movement

Artful Playscapes

Artist-created playgrounds around the world

Art in the Lunchroom

Issue oriented art hits lunchroom tables | LeAp | New York, New York

Native Youth Graffiti Jam

An indigenous graffiti jam empowers Native youth | Eagle Butte, SD