Sharing Community Stories

Installation facilitates storytelling at historic gathering place | Destiny Swiderski, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

How artists help communities heal after disasters

After disasters, artists are ready to play an official role in relief and recovery | Global

A Serene, Healing Space

The Healing Pavilion was designed to calm and console hospital visitors | Ball-Nogues Studio, Los Angeles

Creating artful sanctuary through healing gardens

An artist reflects on creating healing spaces | Topher Delaney

Inventive play space inspires exercise

A Puckelboll field inspires a community | Johan Strom, Malmo, Sweden

The Lunar Cycle

Origami interventions comment on humanity and sustainability | Mademoiselle Maurice, Paris & Corsica

Strengthen Community Health by Inviting Interaction and Introspection

Strengthening a community's mental health | Candy Chang, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Integrating Art in Institutional Settings

Five hospitals integrate art to advance understanding of healing | Maryland, Kentucky, Michigan, Illinois, California

Building Healthy Cities

Artists, developers, and urban planners collaborate on better cities | Chattanooga, Tennessee; Portland, Oregon; Saint Paul, Minnesota