Aerial view looks down upon a fence crossed by pink teeter totters on which children play, with adults gathered around the children on both sides

Teeter-Totter Wall: Play as Resistance

Three pink steel beams were installed as seesaws through the U.S.-Mexico border fence. For 40 minutes, children and adults on both sides played together | Rael San Fratello, U.S.-Mexico Border

Floating figures make a vivid statement about the plight of refugees

Safety Orange Swimmers elicit powerful reactions | Ann Hirsch + Jeremy Angier, Boston
Photo: Zoe Cinel

From powerful portraits to performance and advice space

A stage, photo gallery, and wall of viewer responses | CarryOn Homes, Minneapolis

Night Watch

A silent film of people granted asylum in the United States | Shimon Attie, New York City

A fence intended to bridge the U.S.-Mexico border

This floating fence aims to mend the divide | Postcommodity, Douglas, Arizona

Sea Cemetery

A floating memorial to Syrian refugees | BWA ISTANBUL and Support to Life, Turkish coast

Migrating Together Daily

Commuting through migrant communities | Laura Deutch & Shira Walinsky, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Migration Stories, Both Bitter and Loved, Better Shared

Finding common ground in the sea | Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser, Nettuno, Italy

When Fences Make Good Neighbors

What fences mean in tense times | Ai Weiwei, New York, New York

Open Source Philadelphia

Bringing artists to the streets of Philadelphia | Pedro Alonzo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania