Reopening Business Districts with Artists: The Love Local Initiative

Forecast hired 18 artists to implement creative projects in 5 business districts for the Love Local Initiative, a Hennepin County project.
Theresa Sweetland

From the Director: Deepening Our Commitment to Be Part of the Change

As Forecast looks ahead at this new year, we deepen our commitment to being a part of the change and to anti-racism and justice. We commit to being a part of bringing about hope and democratic ideals. Our team is growing and changing, our programs expanding and our impact deepening. 

The Change Lab Inaugural Research Fellow Focusing on Racial Justice in Public Art

The time is long overdue to reckon with systemic racism and inequities in our country’s public art policies, practices, and collections and address our collective trauma. We know from four decades as a leader in the public art field that cultural appropriation, art-washing, public art deserts, unethical community engagement practices, and systemic funding and policy barriers keep BIPOC artists and communities from fair, just and equitable representation in our country’s public art. The Change Lab National Research Fellowships aim to produce new research, data, reporting, and suggestions to advance justice, health, and human dignity in the field of public art in the United States.
grid of 15 artist grantee portraits

Announcing Forecast's 2021 Early- and Mid-Career Grant Recipients

We are incredibly proud of the talented group of artists selected to receive Forecast grant funding in 2021. Thirteen artists/teams are recipients of Forecast's 2021 early- and mid-career grants. A total of $86,000 will support independent projects, leadership and professional development, risk-taking, multidisciplinary approaches, and collaborative problem solving in the field of public art.
a colorful map of the united states shows pins in five locations across the country with the portraits of five people

Artists Addressing COVID-Related Transportation Challenges Nationwide

When SGA put out a call for different jurisdictions to apply to partner with artists, nearly 200 different agencies from across the country raised their hands. SGA called on Forecast to facilitate artist selection for this program—Arts & Transportation Rapid Response (A&TRR)—pairing selected agencies with artists to address COVID-related transit challenges and longstanding transportation inequities. Our team spent time with the agencies to articulate the vision and goals for each project, and to understand the type of artistic work or skills that would benefit the project.
The mayor of Brooklyn Center poses with two children in front of community banner. The younger child, around 3 to 4 years old, holds a banner featuring their face and the word "hope."

Forecast developed the City of Brooklyn Center's first Public Art Plan

To understand what residents want out of a public art program, the City of Brooklyn Center hired Forecast to make a plan that focused on community engagement. Like all plans Forecast creates, the result is actionable and tailored to the City and its residents.
a colorful cover reads ARTPLACE 10 YEARS

ArtPlace 10 Years

Forecast Public Art celebrates the release of ArtPlace: 10 Years, a publication that tells the story of ArtPlace America. Available now in digital format and downloadable PDF, it will soon be available as a print-on-demand book.
The digital publication welcome page shows a group of BIPOC folks wearing masks, waving and sitting on their front steps. That image is from a story in the publication. A headline reads, "How Artists Help Drive Better Public Health Outcomes"

Introducing FORWARD, a digital publication and conversation series

Announcing the transition of Public Art Review into its next iteration, FORWARD, a digital publication and conversation series from Forecast Public Art highlighting how artists are partnering with cities, institutions and communities to courageously tackle the vital issues of our time.
portrait of Karen Olson
Three colorful arrows point to the right, above the message "join our team"

Forecast Public Art is hiring a Program Manager

There is ongoing demand by private and public partners seeking our support to engage artists in creative problem solving. To help meet this demand, we are hiring a new Program Manager with strong project management skills, interest in our mission and values, and familiarity with the field of public art. This member of our highly independent team will be responsible for managing, coordinating, and developing programs to support Forecast's strategic direction.