grid of four artist liaison portraits
The 1979 crew from Forecast gather for a photo with umbrellas as props (black and white)

Looking Back on the Jack Becker Era: a tribute to Forecast’s founder on the eve of his retirement

A tribute to Forecast’s founder on the eve of his retirement.
Jack Becker smiling with leaves and water behind

Forecast Founder Jack Becker Retiring After 42 Years

After 42 years, Forecast founder Jack Becker will officially retire on June 30. Jack has been integral to the field of public art evolving from the commissioning of objects and wall treatments into the sophisticated and nuanced practice it is today.

Forecast pausing fundraising, encourages donations to MN justice efforts + Black orgs

Racism is a public health emergency. What we believe the best thing to do at this time is to halt our own fundraising, and we encourage you to donate to these other organizations to support local efforts for justice in our community.
misty sunshine pours through the negative relief space carved into two standing metal sculpture plaques that depict the shape of the nearby lake

Public Art water projects take shape in West Des Moines

The City of West Des Moines hired Forecast to facilitate a three-part public art project around water awareness, watersheds, and how our actions affect the water around us, as part of the city's Public Art Advisory Commission’s Water Quality Community Service project.
grid of 13 artist grantee portraits and two Forecast logos

Announcing a second round of Forecast Messages of Hope Mini-Grants Awardees

Because we received hundreds of incredible applications for our first round of 20 Mini-Grants, we raised funds to support additional artists. We are thrilled to be able to fund 10 more projects now.
A grid of three uplifting posters with peace messages

Receive an original artwork by local artist and support Artists For Hope

Help launch a mini-grant cycle to fund 20 more artists. Donations $50+ will receive 1 of 3 original works by Mike Davis, Marlena Myles, or Christina Vang.
graphic with the words Saturday Night Artist Release

Weekly Conversations for BIPOC Artists who Work in Public

Forecast is launching a series of weekly conversations for BIPOC artists around the country, who work in public spaces and/or in community.
portrait grid of twenty artists
in a gentle rainstorm an umbrella floats over the text creative alternatives to in-person arts-based activities

Innovation In the Time of COVID: Forecast toolkit on creative alternatives to in-person arts-based activities

Forecast launches toolkit on creative alternatives to in-person arts-based activities.