Breathing Cathedral: in remembrance of the Dresden bombing

A moving light work in remembrance of lives lost | Stuart Williams, Dresden

A collaboration between artist, artisans, and MTA

A key piece in an ambitious public-transit public art program | Ann Hamilton, New York

A bridge made of paper

Made of 22,00 sheets of red paper and strong enough to walk across | Steve Messam, Lake District, England

Alberto Burri’s monumental land art project in Sicily

Project finally came to completion—in the artist’s centennial year | Alberto Burri, Sicily

A mural to switch perceptions and open a dialogue

Massive mural provokes viewers to question judgment | eL Seed, Cairo

Urban art intervention reimagines a blot on the seascape

Reimagining what can't be removed | Narcelio Grud, Fortaleza, Brazil

Massive yarn installation celebrates people for being themselves

The site-specific piece is made from 103 colors | HOTTEA, Minneapolis, MN

Strange and wonderful structures on a frozen Minnesota lake

Initiating visitors into the secrets of winter | Art Shanty Projects, White Bear Lake, MN

Golden sidewalk repair finds beauty in the broken

Japanese kintsukuroi practice celebrates flaws with gold pigment | Rachel Sussman, Brooklyn, New York

Serenity in Steel

A peaceful pavilion built on Native American principles—with a nod to High Modernism