An admission sign outside the Dublin City gallery reads, "6 [euro] Admission"

Free for the Rich?

Irish artist hacks a gallery’s admission policy in gentrification protest | Kerry Guinan, Dublin

Arabian Artscape

The United Arab Emirates’ nascent public art scene | multiple artists

Future IDs at Alcatraz

Offering people an opportunity to reflect on the American criminal justice system and second chances for people who’ve been in prison | Gregory Sale, San Francisco, California

A Battered Island Holds Its Head High

A hurricane, a political crisis, and years of economic dislocation have taken their toll on Puerto Rico and its artists—but passionate creativity still flourishes.

Citizenship Explored and Expanded: Dimensions of Citizenship, the U.S. contribution to Venice Architecture Biennale

Sculptural and conceptual interpretations of citizenship | multiple artists, Venice

Calling attention to public water supply and the impact of public sculptures

Making context and relationships the center of each project | Sans façon, Canada

How an artist became a leader on a $90 million infrastructure project

The lead artist on the massive 606 project talks about her role and how she got there | Frances Whitehead, Chicago

A Workable Plan for Arts Access in Los Angeles

This sweeping Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative isn’t just another wish list—the County Board of Supervisors actually mandated it | Los Angeles

Who owns public art?

The debate about privately owned public art continues | Homecoming! Committee, Fort Worth, Texas

Signs of Things to Come

A dystopian elaboration of President Trump’s stance on immigration | Plastic Jesus, multiple cities