An aerial view looks down over a street where vehicle traffic is blocked and people are gathered

“Pre-Enacting” the Future in Indianapolis

A unique community performance helps the residents of an inner-city neighborhood resist gentrification | Harrison Center for the Arts, Indianapolis, Indiana
a large-scale black sculpture of a black woman with distinct braids is visible agove a bridge, in the middle of a NYC street.

Brick House

A sculptural bust of a Black woman is the inaugural commission for the High Line Plinth | Simone Leigh, Manhattan, New York
People sitting in a circle

Design for Equity

There’s a new kind of practitioner in town, one that bridges the gap between good design and social justice—and dismantles systems of exclusion | various artists and locations

A steam-powered statement, a raucous response to racism

As in all of Walker’s work, the darkness in The Katastwóf Karavan is shot through with strange whimsy and irony | Kara Walker with Jason Moran, New Orleans

Prison-issues study center by day, nightclub by night

Education, dance, and a record album, all aimed at ending mass incarceration | Phil Collins, The Fortune Society, and Creative Time, New York

A movement to give women muralists their due in Argentina and beyond

Large-scale portraits of women invite both admiration and contemplation | Mariela Ajras, Buenos Aires

Staying put when gentrification starts taking over

Artists respond to gentrification in New York City's Chinatown | Chinatown Art Brigade, New York

Mural honoring Ojibwe woman acts as peaceful protest

Ganawenjige Onigam acts as a peaceful protest in favor of gender equity, education, and renewable energy | Votan, Duluth.

Remembering murdered and missing indigenous women

A traveling memorial pays tribute to missing and murdered indigenous women | Christi Belcourt, Traveling memorial

Room for Everyone

A new public art administrator’s path to reaching underrepresented artists | Joan Vorderbruggen, Minneapolis