Forecast Early Career Project Grantee Kazua Melissa Vang explores the world of caregiving through experimental films projection in solo art exhibit, Hmong Ephemera.

At the beginning of the 2019 grant period, Forecast Early Career Project Grantee Kazua Melissa Vang set out to create a projected installation of a series of experimental short films entitled Hmong Ephemera, intending to focus on the world of caregiving and the complex relationship between the caregivers and those given care.

Over the course of the grant, Hmong Ephemera evolved into a solo art exhibit, with the main focus as the experimental films projection. It now includes video stills, photography, and an art installation to really dive into the world of caregiving. Vang documented over 40 hours of video footage, sounds, and photographs to create a sense of the caregiving world. The artist’s main focus has been on her parents and family’s role as caregivers. Vang realized that there are so many perspectives, emotions, and understandings that have grown and evolved for twenty years.

On view through the end of 2019 at
In Progress
213 Front Ave.
Saint Paul, Minnesota

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