Forecast Transforms Public Spaces, Making Communities Better for All

Transformation is at the center of Forecast’s mission.

We are committed to using public art to transform our public spaces, making them safer, more inclusive, and more reflective of all who use them.

When we say we work in public spaces, we mean more than public parks, trails, and universities. The true power of our work can best be seen in public spaces that are often overlooked. We partner with communities to use public art to uplift, inspire, and instill pride in places like libraries, government centers, public housing, courthouses, and transit.

What does this work look like in action?

  • Working in the rural community of Virginia, MN, to integrate public art by 14 Arrowhead region artists into the new County Government Center, a public center that thousands of people come to for services like food assistance and family support
  • Leading the effort to ensure public art and thoughtful place development is part of the Twin Cities Southwest light rail extension, even after the federal government removed funding for public art on the line
  • Supporting artists Greta McLain and Drew Peterson in a partnership with Sheridan Elementary in Minneapolis to engage students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds in creating a dynamic, large-scale mural on the exterior of the school, art that reflects the students
  • Partnering with Beyond Housing to work with a cluster of 24 economically distressed cities in St. Louis County, MO, to involve artists in affordable housing, access to healthy food, and economic development.

This is vital, important work that matters.
And you can count on Forecast to be at the forefront of this work, serving as a living laboratory for the continued development of practices and services that make our communities better for ALL.

Please give generously and join forces with a fierce group of advocates who believe in the transformational power of arts in public life.



Image: Forecast partnered with the City of Ausitn, MN to integrate arts activities into their 4th Street Fest, positively impacting the health of their community. Photo by Hannah Rosholt Photography.