Forecast Updates Grant Program

For 29 years, Forecast has fostered a vibrant public art community by providing grant funding to artists based in Minnesota. We are thrilled to continue supporting artists through grants and our 2019 applications open late summer 2018—check our Artist Support page often for updates on deadlines and information sessions.

Forecast is continually assessing our practices to ensure we make the most impact possible while broadening perceptions of and participation in the field of public art. After analyzing the past five years of artist grant applications, we found that many artists who are doing public art work do not consider themselves “public artists.” To help address this and reach a wider pool of qualified grant candidates, Forecast is updating the structure of our mid-career project grant program. 

For our upcoming 2019 grant cycle, Forecast will grant 5 selected mid-career public artists $10,000 each to create a new, publicly accessible, temporary or permanent artwork anywhere in the state of Minnesota; an update from a single $50,000 grant to one artist, as in past years. This change will allow us to create a more accessible, broad-reaching grant program.

By supporting a more extensive pool of mid-career grant candidates, Forecast can both increase the diversity of our grant awardees, and expand the number and diversity of artists who identify as public artists broadly. This will in turn benefit the field and positively influence the future of public art. 

The other three categories of Forecast grants will remain the same as in past years: mid-career professional development grants, early-career artist project grants, early-career artist research & development grants.

For more information on our grant program and other resources we offer artists, visit our Artist Support page.



Forecast’s grant program is made possible by generous funding from McKnight Foundation and Jerome Foundation.