In the Change Lab, we catalyze new thinking, test new approaches, and creatively disrupt the status quo to advance justice in the field of public art. We also pilot new ways of working within the field of public art and allied fields through cross-sector partnerships, on the ground research, and deep community engagement, working with communities to address inequities in all facets of public art.

Our Change Lab is a NEW initiative.

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Our second Change Lab Research Fellow will focus on Indigenous visibility in public art.

Forecast’s Change Lab Research Fellows go deep into an area of critical importance, and use findings to collectively develop a national public art policy platform rooted in justice, health and human dignity for Black, Brown, and Indigenous people. Through the Change Lab, reports developed by Fellows will become a model of change for public art programs, policies, and processes. Each fellowship is based around a specific research topic, and is open to graduate students, recent college grads, doctoral and post-doctoral researchers, artists, and public art professionals.

The fellowship is a 6-month long, funded position with a $5,000 stipend. The Fellow will work from their home base and can be located anywhere. Working knowledge of public art in the US and some experience with research in the topic area is important.

This Fellowship begins January 1, 2022.

The Application period has closed. 

A text graphic reads: "Forecast's second Change Lab Research Fellow will focus on Indigenous Visibility in Public Art" and "The Change Lab is innovating to disrupt the status quo through public art and creative community engagement"

2021 Research Fellow Focused on Racial Justice in Public Art: Amina Cooper

“This fellowship has provided me with a unique and long-desired opportunity to dedicate my professional experience in the field to an area of critical importance that has received little dedicated research.”


A public art administrator experienced in collection management, cultural equity and the arts, and more, we are excited to see Amina get started in this role, and look forward to together developing a national public art policy platform that is rooted in justice, health and human dignity for Black, Brown, and Indigenous people.

“It is time to talk about the lack of diversity within our public art commissions, artist selection panels, and our public art workforce. We need to address the elitism with which we dictate to communities which artworks are acceptable, and which persons and cultures are worth affirming with monuments and beautiful objects.”

— Amina Cooper, quoted in “How Public Art Programs Can Join the Movement Against Police Brutality, White Supremacy, and Anti-Black Racism


With support from funders, Forecast will facilitate nationwide community listening sessions and a national convening to create a public art policy platform that reimagines public art in the US and informs future work undertaken in our Change Lab.


Now more than ever, we need to collectively develop a national public art policy platform that is rooted in justice, health and human dignity and pushes for long-term change. With support from funders and donors, Forecast will facilitate creative listening sessions in communities across the US to develop this public art policy platform.

In collaboration with leaders and artists in each region, we will create engaging, artful, and culturally-relevant listening sessions to dig into and document the most pressing issues of our time.


Following listening sessions, we will hold a national convening to share back the creative visions gathered during the creative listening sessions. This convening will also serve as an opportunity for the public art policy platform to be created collaboratively and shared widely.

Future work in the Change Lab will be informed by the public art policy platform, turning concept into concrete action.

We need your support to reimagine public art in the US and disrupt the status quo. Please consider a gift to the Forecast Change Lab to make a public art policy platform created collaboratively and with community input a reality.


Forecast envisions public art as a field reflecting the values of those fighting for equity, justice, and dignity. As a national organization, we aim to set standards for ethical policies, processes, and outcomes in the field. To do this, we must change power dynamics that have resulted in inequities within our organization, in our field, and as a result of previous work.

These inequities have impacted our communities, our climate, and our health. Public art practice and policies should be rooted in the cultural and environmental contexts that celebrate people, honor customs, highlight aesthetics of place, and ensure our well-being.

Forecast will use the following guiding principles to direct our Change Lab work, until a community-driven public art policy platform is created:

  • Elevate Public Art Practice: We will set high standards for public art practice to ensure ethical and equitable policies, processes, and outcomes.
  • Celebrate Narratives/Shift Power: We will be led by the values of our communities as public art is a reflection of our priorities.
  • Combat the Climate Crisis: We will take urgent action to protect our natural spaces to also protect our identities, our homes, and our health.
  • Improve Health: We will use public art to support and protect the health of and equitable outcomes in our communities.