Forecast breaks down the hard and soft skills for successful public art practice, so you can do and lead this work on your own. We offer workshops, training, fellowships, and other in-person and online learning opportunities focused on helping public artists, creatives, and affiliated professionals enlist culture and creativity to address equitable and healthy community outcomes.

We can adapt our learning opportunities to offer them virtually during the pandemic


Forecast customizes trainings and workshops for artists, creatives, culture bearers and producers, community leaders, and affiliated professionals. We provide key knowledge about managing public art projects, facilitate sessions to help take ideas from formation to implementation, and work with community members to envision creative places and collaborate with artists.

Our staff specialize in creating unique, one of a kind learning opportunities and facilitate discussions that directly meet the needs of participants. We can also adapt and combine any of the experiences listed here to suit the needs of you and your community. Workshops or breakout sessions may be developed to address local challenges, build skills, facilitate collaboration and co-creation, or develop new plans. Our Team is adept in customizing presentations, workshops, and trainings based on a topic of interest to you and your community.

Hire Forecast to bring our in-person learning to your conference, classroom, or gathering in any location across the US. 

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Designed for artists of any discipline – visual artists, performance artists, dancers, poets, builders, designers, artisans, crafters, and more – who have little to no experience working on public art projects and are interested in taking their work into the public realm. Making It Public dives into the process of creating a public artwork. We explore creative process for a public artist, locational analysis, stakeholder and community considerations, funding opportunities, best practices for contracting and insurance, and bring in local artists to talk about their work. An optional add-on is to offer micro-grants to participants of Making It Public through an RFQ process. This provides an opportunity for participants to directly implement what they have learned in the workshop into their practices, and results in low-risk, small-scale, temporary artworks.

Making It Public can be modified to be one or 2 days long, virtual or in-person. We can also offer a version for community decision-makers. Contact us about how Making It Public can serve your community!

Designed for anyone interested in understanding the ever-evolving fields of public art and placemaking. Together we will look at a historical arc of public art through project examples of all scales, budgets, mediums, funding mechanisms, and locations. We will engage in a series of activities that helps us formulate a shared language around public art and how it directly relates to the unique circumstances of each participant’s community.

This workshop is great for Public Art Commissions, Arts and Culture Commissions, City Council Members, Arts Selection Committees, Arts Administrators, and more.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss artworks that require collaboration from the public. We will look at example projects, artists, and methods of relational, participatory, and interactive artworks to understand the differences and similarities between these genres. Together we will create our own artwork that engages the public as collaborators and co-authors in both the process and the project. This workshop is great for anyone in learning more about an artist’s process, and understanding how they formulate a project without a clear beginning or end.

Our talented staff is available to train you to facilitate your own public art meetings and projects. Bring us to your community to learn how to:

  • Create a call for artists and facilitate an RFQ process
  • Facilitate an artist selection process
  • Assess locations in your community that are conducive to all types of public art
  • Engage the public in your public art and placemaking plans and projects
  • Write a killer grant application or project proposal

Visiting an artist’s studio is the best way to understand their creative process and their working methodologies. Visit with an artist who will share their place, practice, and projects, and provide insight into what goes into a public art or placemaking project. You’ll hear about timeline, tools, and other components that make a successful project for the artist. We can connect you with artists in any community in the United States.

Get out and see permanent public art in the Twin Cities! Forecast provides walking, van, or bus tours of public artworks and collections in the Twin Cities region. Tours can focus on one specific type of artwork [like murals, sculptures, lightwork, etc] or a broad scope of media. Tours can range from two hours in specific neighborhoods, to 6 hour tours that span the Twin Cities and include meals, talks with artists, and informal dialogues on related topics.

Designed to spark collaboration across sectors, this workshop utilizes the labyrinth as a vehicle for discussions about public art and placemaking in your community. We will start by getting a sense of your community’s unique identity, the assets that currently exist, and the goals you are trying to reach. Together we’ll create a labyrinth, and connect this participatory artform to contemporary public art and placemaking, and the unique circumstances in your own community. Together we will uncover the opportunities for public art and placemaking that lie ahead, while building a cross-sector leadership team through a temporary art piece.

Don’t see what you are looking for listed here? We can design and adapt workshops for you.