Forecast has coordinated an annual arts display in the Hennepin County Government Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota for 12 years. This 12th annual exhibit showcases five projects by youth from Kulture Klub Collaborative. The exhibit and corresponding events are supported by the Hennepin County Multicultural Arts Committee (MCAC). 


On view until the last week of February, 2020, an exhibit at the Hennepin Gallery in Minneapolis showcases some of Kulture Klub Collaborative’s (KKC) more recent projects integrated with newly created visuals of common themes and participatory elements of their programming. The goal of this installation is to amplify the voices and talents of young people in the community, as well as increase the visibility of KKC as an organization. Focusing on participants’ strengths and contributions rather than their vulnerabilities is an important way of highlighting the talents of this often overlooked group of youth. Visitors to the Minneapolis Government Center will gain access to the unique perspectives that KKC youth have to share with the greater community. KKC’s youth are frequent visitors to the Government Center, mostly for difficult legal and county assistance matters, and seeing their own work professionally installed in the building will be impactful for both them and viewers.

KKC has incorporated new programming into their artistic schedule to create new pieces to include in the exhibit. They have also included a paid internship position for a young person who is interested in gaining experience in curating and installing an exhibit from start to finish.

Five different projects are highlighted in the exhibit. KKC youth created new paintings of participants creating the displayed art work to bring in an action element of KKC’s programming. These paintings are dispersed throughout the gallery as an additional visual thread bringing the space together and drawing viewers into the installation.


This Is Our Downtown – Letterpress posters and framed digital photography of the people and spaces that make up Downtown Minneapolis. This work was a part of a year-long multimedia documentation of downtown and created with both Wing Young Huie and Nancy Musinguzi.

Highpoint Center for Printmaking – Prints created during a three-month class with artists Jonathan Herrera, Nancy Julia Hicks, and Tyler Green. The series focused on a different technique each week and each is represented in the exhibit.

Weaving and Healing – Artist-in-residence Donald Thomas facilitated workshops around the construction of affirmation and gratitude mirrors. Each step of the construction had an element of healing practice and intention setting. Instructions for how the viewer can utilize these practices are included in this display.

Northern Clay Center – Handbuilt ceramic pieces from a series at our regional ceramic art center with teaching artist Elizabeth Coleman.

Aerosol Mural – This summer KKC youth participated in our Hip Hop Academy, led by KKC staff members Alissa Paris and Joy Spika. Aerosol art classes yielded an 80” W x 60” H portable mural painted on individual 16” x 20” canvases.


KKC engages art and artistic practice to provide enriching multidisciplinary opportunities for youth experiencing homelessness and artists to grow individually and to transform community.

Founded in 1992, KKC provides access to the arts and artistic practice to youth ages 16-24 who are experiencing, transitioning out of, or at-risk of homelessness. KKC also focuses on creating opportunities for teaching artists to connect with this unique youth community and develop their skills and craft in a supported setting. We offer three types of programming to achieve our mission: onsite activities in our art lab and recording studio; visits to performances, exhibits, and events at local museums and other venues; and year-round, long-term artist residencies and classes developing multidisciplinary skills. Over 300 youth a year engage with KKC’s programs. KKC is community minded and artist led.

KKC is housed inside and partners closely with YouthLink at their drop-in center located in Downtown Minneapolis. Youth get their basic needs met and connect with support staff that help them to reach their individual goals and move towards independence and stability.  KKC values art and creativity as a basic need and is present in the building to offer opportunities for young people to experience a connection to their own creativity in a supportive setting. KKC strives to provide high quality arts activities to these young artists and to the teaching artists that engage with them. We operate with the lens that all participants are artists with skills and valuable perspectives to share. KKC is committed to centering the needs and voices of young people struggling with housing and artists in all we do.


This exhibition and corresponding events are supported by the Hennepin County Multicultural Arts Committee (MCAC). MCAC was created by the County Board in 1995 as part of the organization’s response to the Minneapolis Initiative Against Racism. MCAC sponsors art displays, performances, discussions and exhibits representing Hennepin County’s diverse cultural canvas.

For this exhibition and corresponding events, MCAC is receiving support from Forecast Public Art; Forecast activates people, networks and proven practices to advance the transformational power of arts in public life.

The Hennepin Gallery is free and open to the public Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM, at the Hennepin County Government Center, A-level, 300 South Sixth Street, Minneapolis. The exhibit is sponsored by Hennepin County Communications.

The Gallery is a project of Hennepin County Communications.