NEW Forecast Consulting Service: Equity Audits of Public Art Collections

Forecast is now available to assess equity, diversity, and inclusion in your community’s public art collection.

Forecast Public Art Collection Equity Audits are comprehensive benchmarking tools to identify discrepancies in public art collections as related to race, gender, immigration status, and more. We will help you identify gaps, prioritize initiatives, set targets and other program goals, assign accountability, and measure the impact of initiatives.

What is covered
  • Defining equity, diversity, and inclusion dimensions that will be considered and assessed
  • Reviewing current pieces in the collection for multiple EDI factors, such as:
    • Themes of artworks
    • Artists who have created the artworks
    • Locations of artworks
  • Creating goal and value statements around equity in the public art collection
  • Suggesting initiatives for future public art projects, prioritizing these initiatives, and assigning responsibility for them
  • Strategies for measuring impact of EDI initiatives
What is Involved
  • Meetings with key stakeholders to define goals, set expectations, understand biases, and determine opportunity areas
  • Case studies of equitable public art projects and collections
  • Thorough analysis of existing individual public art projects and the entire collection through an equity lens
  • Interpretation of data found through the analysis
  • Understanding how to sustain a bias-free and equitable public art collection
What is included
  • Two consultants for a collection audit [actual scope to be determined between Forecast and Collections Manager]
  • A reference manual detailing the audit activities and suggested initiatives
  • A framework for annual collection self-audits
  • Readings, resources, and tools
What We Do
  • Work with you to define goals and values for this project
  • Analyze the current collection
  • Identify gaps and suggest strategies and initiatives to fill these gaps
  • Create suggestions for maintaining an equitable public art collection
  • Create self-auditing tools and trainings
What You Do
  • Provide information of your current public art collection
  • Help set goals and values for this project, and   connect us to any key stakeholders who should also be involved in that process
  • Look over a draft of suggestions and help to assign responsibility to new initiatives



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Image: Mural by Mariela Ajras. Photo by Diego Rotmistrovsky.