Minnesota State Fair Joyful World Mural Park

2024 – call for artists!

a text graphic for the Joyful World Mural Park overlays a view looking up toward the skyride at the Minnesota State Fair, with logos of the Fair, the Minnesota State Fair Foundation, and Forecast Public Art

Since 2021, the Minnesota State Fair has presented the Joyful World Mural Park in partnership with Forecast Public Art and with support from the Minnesota State Fair Foundation. During the 12 days of the fair, visual artists create murals on-site, enlivening a new green space with public art and giving Fair visitors an opportunity to watch a wide range of artists work in a variety of styles. 

The Minnesota State Fair and Forecast Public Art are pleased to announce an open call for four muralists to add four new murals during the 2024 MN State Fair to the Joyful World Mural Park! Previous year’s murals are also a seasonal attraction on the fairgrounds – on view during the  summer around the fairgrounds before returning to the mural park location for the fourth year of the Joyful World Mural Park.  

2024 applications are due June 17

To apply, artists will be asked to provide the following:

  • Response to application questions that include: Who you are as an artist, why you would like to paint at the fair?
  • A brief description of your “Joyful World” mural concept. 
  • A rough design sketch for an 8’ x 8’ mural that reflects the mural park theme. How would you depict a world you want to live in? What does a joyful world mean to you?
  • 2- 4 samples of previously executed murals or large-scale paintings (larger than 4’ x 4’)

Entry Rules and Requirements

  • Artists must be at least 18 years of age and reside in the State of Minnesota. 
  • Artists must submit a rough sketch of a proposed mural design with their application.
  • Artists must submit at least two samples of previous mural or large-scale paint-based projects.
  • Artists may submit only one sketch concept. 
  • Artists may only submit one application.
  • Entries must be original work.
  • If accepted, the mural must be actively worked on during the Minnesota State Fair, August 22 – Sept 2. (Exact beginning and end date TBD; artists are expected to be onsite painting for at least 5 days.)
  • Artist will be required to attend an orientation prior to the fair.
  • Artist is responsible for providing materials (paint, brushes, rags, etc) they may need. The mural wall will be cleaned, primed, and ready to be painted on. 
  • Artists are responsible for the entire mural execution including the hiring and paying of assistants if the artist so chooses.
  • Artists must be prepared to be flexible and amenable to the unique conditions of this opportunity: potential weather interruptions, working outdoors in public space, interacting with Fair go-ers, loading materials in and out, working within the infrastructure of the Fair, cleaning and closing up their mural site at the end of each day. Artists should understand they are unique and valued, but only one of over 750 free entertainment events taking place across the 320 acres of the grounds over the 12 days of the Fair.
  • Applicants must not be a past mural park artist. Artists who previously participated are not eligible to apply again.


All proposed murals must be the original work of the artist in concept, composition, and execution. Artists’ proposals will be reviewed by a selection panel determined by the Minnesota State Fair and Forecast Public Art. Decisions by the selection panel are final and not open to negotiation. 

The Minnesota State Fair and Forecast Public Art are committed to providing opportunities to people regardless of economic or social status and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, veteran status, or physical ability.


The selection criteria used to consider artist proposals include how the proposal aligns with the Minnesota State Fair Mission: To educate and involve our guests by providing a world-class showcase that is innovative, entertaining, and fun. 

The Minnesota State Fair strives to: 

  • Showcase Minnesota’s finest agriculture, art, and industry.
  • Present an unparalleled forum for knowledge and ideas.
  • Provide outstanding customer service.
  • Offer exceptional value.
  • Provide a safe, clean environment that is accessible to all.
  • Create unique experiences.

In addition, the selection committee considers artist proposals in terms of:

  • Audience enjoyment (must be family-friendly).
  • Uniqueness.
  • Diverse representation of genres, cultures, and geography.


Each commissioned mural is approximately 8’ x 8’ constructed of wood as part of a three-sided structure. Each artist is assigned one side of the structure for their mural.  To complete this mural, the artist will receive a stipend of $4,500. This fee includes materials. 

Artists will be provided with parking, fair access, and food vouchers. 

Artists from outside the metro area and greater Minnesota are encouraged to apply. Travel reimbursements or other logistical support will be discussed as needed. 

Four muralists will be selected for the 2024 Joyful World Mural Park. 

Completed mural will remain on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds and be owned by the Minnesota State Fair.

Artist retains copyright to the artwork design.


  • May 13

    Call for Artists Released

  • June 4 @6:00 pm

    Zoom Info Session for applicants

    June 4 @6:00 pm

  • June 17

    Application Closes

  • Week of July 22

    Artists Notified

    Week of July 22

  • July 25

    Artists Announced

  • Week of July 29

    Artist Orientation

    Week of July 29

  • August 20-21

    Pre-Fair Mural Site Prep

  • August 22 - Sept 2

    MN State Fair / Mural Park painting

    August 22 - Sept 2


Submit questions to


All materials must be received by 8:00 pm CDT on June 17, 2024.

No applications will be accepted after this time.


The Joyful World Mural Park celebrates the specific live art form of murals and mural painting, uniquely creating space for an inclusive medium found in many cities and towns in Minnesota. The murals are created live during the Fair so the public can experience the artist’s process up close. A painting medium is best suited for the weather and outdoor application. Artists who work in mediums outside of painting and murals are encouraged to apply to the Fine Arts Competition.

We encourage artists of all levels and experience to apply! The mural park aims to represent a diverse selection of artists from background to style. We see this opportunity as a great way to gain exposure to a large audience and challenge your art-making process. However, due to the requirements of the live painting and the expectation of a fully completed mural within a small time frame, artists who have never painted murals or large-scale paintings will not be as competitive. One of the application requirements is to show previous outdoor or indoor mural work regardless of how formal or informal, or a painting at a scale of at least  4’ x 4.’ This ensures that while an artist may even have just a little mural experience – the State Fair will not be the first time they have attempted to scale-up their work, ensuring the best outcome for the artist and the Fair.

All applications are initially screened for eligibility by Forecast Public Art. Eligible applications will be reviewed by two artists who previously participated in the Mural Park. The artists will recommend a semi-final pool of up to 15 artists to the MN State Fair team. In a panel process involving the MN State Fair Entertainment Department, Arts A’Fair, Forecast Public Art, and 2 previous Mural Park Artists, the pool of semi-finalists will be narrowed to 4 selected artists and 2 alternates.

The design sketch can be quite rough and informal. It is up to you how far you want to take the design sketch. Applicants are not judged on the completeness of their sketch. We want to get a sense of how you plan to fill the 8’ x 8’ area compositionally and that you have a general plan for your design. We will look to your provided work samples to get a sense of your finished work and artistic style.

We recommend looking at the murals from previous years to consider which types of murals have been selected – but we encourage new and unique ideas and designs. The goal of the mural park is to be expansive in the way it represents mural-making. We are looking to enhance the collection of murals with continuity but we are also looking for new styles or narratives that are not represented.

It is a lot of fun! Like everything at the Fair, we hope to create an enjoyable experience for the artists. There is a lot of flexibility around how long you paint each day and which days you are on site. However, creating a mural at the Fair also requires quite a bit of physical labor. The environment is stimulating and busy, people are always walking by and engaging with the work and the artists. Weather is always unpredictable, and often mural supplies need to be packed up quickly and plans may change at the last minute.

The mural park is intended to be a unique and fun opportunity for mural artists who want to add their work to a collection of murals representing arts and culture in the State of Minnesota. You do not have to be a regular Fair-go-er or a Fair mega fan – but artists who understand and embrace the specificity of the site, are up for public engagement, and immersing themselves in the stimulating environment tend to have the most rewarding experience.

Greater Minnesota artists are encouraged to apply and if selected, will be invited to discuss how we can make the opportunity as feasible as possible for you given the distance, this may result in fewer painting days on-site or more funding for expenses. If artists live more than 1 hour away from the Fairgrounds and will require travel and lodging in order to participate, the MN State Fair and Forecast team will work out an arrangement with the artist during the contract process.

You can check out the murals on Forecast’s website page for the Mural Park, scroll through Forecast’s Instagram page, or view the murals on the Fairgrounds during the Kickoff to Summer at the Fair event and throughout the summer on the fairgrounds!

Minnesota has strong ties to our neighboring states and borders are often fluid for communities in day-to-day life. If you don’t have a Minnesota home address but are strongly connected with a Minnesota community, address this issue in your application and show how you represent Minnesota.

We encourage applicants from past years to apply again. In past years, artists have been selected after applying multiple times, as the process is highly competitive. Please reach out to tricia@forecastpublicart.org if you would like feedback on your previous year’s application at least 2 weeks before the deadline. We do suggest you modify or revise your proposed mural for better results if re-applying.


Interested in the open call for the Minnesota State Fair Joyful World Mural Park? This info session covers the opportunity details, reviews the application questions, work sample submission process, and timeline. You’ll also hear from 2022 & 2023 mural park artists Juliette Perine Myers and Noah Lawrence-Holder about their experiences at the Fair.


a colorful text graphic for the Joyful World Mural Park Minnesota State Fair artist call virtual info session on Tuesday, June 4 at 6pm live on zoom with Tricia Heuring of Forecast Public Art and Dudley Voigt of Arts A'Fair plus 2022 and 2023 muralists Juliette Perine Myers and Noah Lawrence-Holder. Noah is pictured painting a mural.

Browse photos from the Joyful World Mural Park in 2023

Browse photos from the Joyful World Mural Park in 2022

Browse photos from the Joyful World Mural Park’s inaugural year, 2021

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We are thrilled for the muralists selected to add four new murals to the Joyful World Mural Park for its third year at the Minnesota State Fair. These artists are (alphabetical by first name): Jordan Hamilton, Juliette Perine Myers, Mia Vue Jennings, and Philipo Dyauli. Read their full bios and Joyful World mural concepts below. An open call ran April 24 through June 5, 2023, with selected artists announced July 25. The artists live-painted at The Fair from August 24 – September 4, 2023, amid the rest of the Mural Park collection on display.

A headshot of a Black man named Jordan Hamilton with close-cut mustache and goatee he is wearing a headscarf, his head turned in profile, and surrounded with colorful icons
Jordan Hamilton

Jordan Hamilton

Jordan M. Hamilton is a multi-disciplinary artist based in the Twin Cities. Bridging spirit aspirations & connections to earthly transformations & expressions – Jordan’s work reflects realities & explores cosmic & elemental energies through abstract & surrealist painting, iconography, sculpture, collage, adornment, puppetry, mixed media & music. Jordan has worked as a teaching artist since 2007 with various organizations & schools locally & internationally. His work has been featured in a number of exhibitions, streets & stages throughout the Twin Cities. Jordan is a founding member of the Power of Vision mural project, a member of the Million Artist Movement, Voice of Culture & a member of Creatives After Curfew mural collective. He is the creator of Ancestral Aspects Adornment.

My design reflects the theme of Joyful World by depicting the joy of a child as they are the ones who shall inherit this world as residents and shapers of the Earth. I believe children naturally & most frequently practice creating joy. My mural design reflects a snapshot of my 3-year-old daughter in a moment of joy. To me, a Joyful World is a world in which we are intentional about regularly practicing creating joyous moments. I believe that healthy family relationships (by blood or chosen) is foundational and key in developing such a practice.

Juliette Perine Myers

Juliette Perine Myers

Juliette Perine Meyers is a painter, muralist, and mosaic artist based out of South Minneapolis. Juliette strongly values the representation of different identities and often incorporates her Chinese heritage or queer identity into the artwork. She likes to use symbols or motifs in the form of cultural mythology, or specific species of native flora and fauna. The majority of her work has been collaborative and rooted in uplifting community. She has worked with mosaic artist Lori Greene to create numerous mosaic murals and sculptures with the help of other assistants and community volunteers and helped form the activist-based mural collective, Creatives After Curfew, following the murder of George Floyd in 2020.

My mural design depicts Minnesota-native animals and plants in a fantastical setting, flying through the air similar to the way that a flock of starlings fly in a murmuration. The bright colors and imagery show both beauty and humor to speak to people of all ages. Butterflies, insects, fish, and birds native to Minnesota in addition to some other fun, unexpected creatures all flying together are a symbol of joyful coexistence and harmony. To me, a joyful world is a place where everyone thrives and everyone’s diverse identities and experiences are celebrated. It is a place where all living things are healthy and abundant, the beauty of interdependence is recognized, and everyone has room to be their authentic selves.

Mia Vue Jennings

Mia Vue Jennings

Mia Vue Jennings is a Hmong-American artist based in the Twin Cities. She’s been creating art since she was 3 years old and has since then explored a variety of mediums with a current focus on digital art, murals, and street art. She often draws a lot of inspiration from her community, her Hmong heritage, spirituality, and integral parts of the human experience. Some of Mia’s most notable accomplishments span from winning a Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Gold Medal for her digital painting called “Kuv Niam (My Mom),” to illustrating for Minnesota Public Radio. She started doing large, fast-paced street art in 2022 at festivals, and through this, she found that she truly enjoys the communal aspect of making public art.

The mural is laid out in the form of a traditional Hmong story cloth called the “paj ntaub” to show the beauty and foundation that tradition and past generations give to us, despite some of the difficulties we may face due to our ancestor’s actions. The mural shows the transition from traditional ways (or the roots of the path near the bottom) up to the top where the Hmong people get a more formal education while gaining familial and communal joys along the way. There are many fantasy worlds I could imagine that could be joyful, but I find that focusing on the present and what I am already given is where I find true joy. I chose to highlight specifically the Hmong-American experience through my mural, but there is room for all viewers to resonate with it as a reminder for others to find those little joys in their life as well.

Philipo Dyauli

Philipo Dyauli

Philipo Dyauli is a self-taught painter, muralist, and father. He was born and raised in Tanzania and currently living in Minneapolis, MN. As a painter, he uses color and scale to illustrate the importance of people over material objects and to create a unique form of visual storytelling, transforming personal experiences into life-size paintings. His practice allows him to explore issues of identity and multiculturalism while reflecting on his life in East Africa and the United States. He believes public art has the power to inspire and share positive ideas throughout our community. Philipo has completed mural commissions across the Twin Cities: in the Northeast Arts District, Creative Enterprise Zone, and on Lake Street.

A joyful world to me means sharing a positive outlook toward the future by showcasing a sense of hope in my artwork. I believe joy can be found and is also created in our everyday lives. Sharing a meal with loved ones, coming together to celebrate, or supporting each other through difficult times. In my mural, I use color and people within our community to showcase the love and care we have for each other, as a reflection of the Minnesota State Fair. The State Fair has been part of my family tradition since we moved to the Twin Cities. Considering the large number of folks that come from all over Minnesota to share in joy and experiences at the fair, I’m inspired by this connection and the common love we all share.


Danielle Clifford

Danielle Clifford

Danielle Clifford is an Illustrator, Hand-letterer, Painter, and Designer based in Minneapolis, MN. She mostly works digitally, or with watercolor, acrylic or gouache paints for smaller-scale works, but always loves working on large-scale murals and chalkboard murals. She is also a mom of twin two-year-olds and a bonus mom to her former foster daughter. Danielle loves cats, books, legos, all the beverages, and having too many projects going at once.

Noah Lawrence-Holder

Noah Lawrence-Holder

Noah Lawrence-Holder is a black, nonbinary artist from Madison WI, now based in the Twin Cities. Their work centers around racial justice, afro-futurism, intersectionality, and gender identity. They have featured work on walls and in gallery shows across Minneapolis and beyond.

Suyao Tian

Suyao Tian

Suyao Tian is an artist, designer, independent curator residing in the Twin Cities. She is also  adjunct faculty at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She completed her MFA in Design in 2017 with Honors. Her paintings have been featured in numerous group and solo exhibitions across the US. Along with curating multiple group shows, she owns and runs Viewpoint Gallery. Her works have caught the eye of local and national companies, with her designs applied and sold across a range of product types for clients such as Room & Board, Target, and Merlette NYC more.

Wes Winship

Wes Winship

Wes Winship is an Asian American muralist, fine artist, and printmaker with roots in the Twin Cities graffiti and street art scene. Winship co-founded the award-winning graphic arts + screen printing studio Burlesque of North America, Chroma Zone Mural & Arts Festival, and an influential graffiti magazine, LSD, in the late 1990s. As an entrepreneur, he’s built a creative legacy in the Twin Cities and beyond over the past 3 decades. His live painting has been featured at events such as Soundset, X-Games, and Eaux Claires Festival.


Leslie Barlow

Leslie Barlow

@ljpinko @creativesaftercurfew

Leslie Barlow’s practice includes paintings, drawings, textiles and quilts, and recently, public murals. Her work often serves as both monuments to community members and explorations into how race entangles the intimate sphere of love, family, and friendship. Her images are tender, nuanced, and inspired by community dialogue and personal experience. Barlow is a recipient of the 2021 Jerome Hill Fellowship, 2019 McKnight Visual Artist Fellowship, the 20/20 Springboard Fellowship, and the MN State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant in 2016 and 2018. In 2018, she received the Minnesota Museum of American Art Purchase Award in the Minnesota State Fair Juried Exhibition. Barlow earned her BFA in 2011 from the University of Wisconsin-Stout and her MFA in 2016 from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. In addition to her art practice, Barlow has taught at the University of Minnesota and Carleton College, supports emerging artists in her studio program PF Studios, and is an active member on the leadership team of MidWest Mixed.

Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis


Jennifer Davis is a Minneapolis-based artist known for her colorful, imaginative paintings of surreal and whimsical characters. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions at venues such as The Minneapolis Institute of Arts (Minneapolis, MN); The DeVos Art Museum (Marquette, MI); Foster Museum (Eau Claire, WI); Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History (Santa Cruz, CA); The Lesher Center for the Arts (San Francisco, CA); ArtSpace (Raleigh, NC); Turchin Center for the Visual Arts (Boone, NC), as well as several galleries in major cities across the United States and Canada. Davis is a recipient of the 2013 Next Step Fund Grant from the Minnesota Regional Arts Council/McKnight Foundation. She holds a BFA from the University of Minnesota.

Jose Dominguez

Jose Dominguez


Jose Dominguez makes artwork out of his two-bedroom apartment in Hopkins, MN. His playful, Tetris-like compositions are often made up of bold color-schemes and dynamic characters that feature ricocheted glances and a variety of comical expressions. Jose finds inspiration in the space of human connection; his work is rooted in the humor and absurdity of everyday interactions. Side-eyes, out-of-context conversation, and silly, intimate moments are all reflected in what Jose describes as ‘a celebration of uniqueness and the funny looks we cast and receive.’

Maiya Lea Hartman

Maiya Lea Hartman

@MaiyaLeaArt @CreativesAfterCurfew

Maiya Lea Hartman is a multi-disciplinary artist born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. They currently hold studio space through PF studios in the Northrup King building in Northeast Minneapolis. As a self-taught artist, they look at their environment and interactions as the teachers who inform their work. They draw from personal memories and moments examining identity, expression, and the body through the lens of a Queer, Black, Non-binary person. In addition to their studio practice, Maiya is a muralist working in collaboration with the collective, Creatives After Curfew. Since the Summer of 2020, they have led and collaborated on several public art projects. Maiya has shared images rooted in themes of justice, liberation, and joy through their recent mural work. In recognizing the incredible value of being a member of a community of artists, they hope to continue supporting the programming being built within their studio program and mural collective to continue to find new ways to reach communities of artists of different backgrounds.

Hibaaq Ibrahim

Hibaaq Ibrahim


Gratitude is good for the soul. In my work, I attempt to bring my grateful spirit to the viewer. “It’s the little things” is a phrase that is often unappreciated. To me, it is the key to life. I can admire every stick, rock, and petal I come across. Anything can be beautiful, if you stop and look.  

Tom Jay

Tom Jay


Minneapolis-based artist, Tom Janssen, has always been interested in art – ever since he was old enough to hold a pencil. At age eleven, Tom was introduced to spray paint and the graffiti culture, which he decided to focus on during his freshman year of college. Since that time, Tom has invested a significant amount of time and attention to progressing in his craft. Realizing when working on a commissioned piece or mural that he wakes up every day loving his job, Tom decided in 2020 to focus on his aerosol work with the goal of being a professional artist full-time. The idea of making a living from what had been a hobby is incredibly intriguing to Tom, who has also received inspiration to become a full-time artist from his mentor, Peyton Scott Russell, with whom he has worked on several mural projects. Tom’s goal is to continue learning and evolving his profession with the intent of one day inspiring young adults to follow their own dreams of being an artist. Tom was born in Guatemala City to parents of Guatemalan and Mayan descent. He moved to the United States when he was six months old.

Geno Okok

Geno Okok


Geno Okok is a Nigerian-American artist; at the age of seven he started his passion for drawing and painting all through his youth. He eventually attended the Minneapolis Art Institute and received an Associate Degree in Fine Art in 2013. His work focuses on joyful moments in the lives of everyday people and documents the ways beauty, music, fashion, and grace manifest in the African spirit. He describes his style of painting as Expressionist Realism. He has partnered with galleries such as Gallery 13, Night Art Gallery and Dow Gallery and has most recently worked on public mural projects in response to the police

killing of George Floyd. In addition, he currently serves on the Brooklyn Park Task Force and as a member of the Advisory Council for the Center for Innovation and the Arts. He recently completed a public art piece at the Brooklyn Park plaza next to Hennepin County Library with youth artists. The story and art were featured on Fox 9 News, Star Tribune, CCX Media News, and other media outlets.

Shade Pratt (Fola)

Shade Pratt (Fola)


Shade Pratt, a.k.a. Fola, is a Minnesota based artist and designer. Pratt studied at the University of Maryland, receiving her undergraduate degree in Individual Studies: Design & the Built Environment. She later went on to pursue her football (soccer) career, competing professionally for 5 years. She is currently completing her master’s in civil engineering while working as a Footwear Design Apprentice for Nike. Her work pulls from her multifaceted background of art, engineering, and sport. She creates colorful scenes that embrace how shape and shadow interact and compares these playful and gestural forms to engineered compositions. Though her work can be seen as whimsical, Fola intentionally creates abstract works, with layered meanings which are derived from her thoughts, emotions, and observations of the world. With her ever-evolving approach to art, she is constantly pushing to expand how we think of art and breaking the traditional norms.

Xee Reiter

Xee Reiter


Xee Reiter is a self-taught artist specializing in watercolor, pen and ink illustrations. As a first generation Hmong American, you can largely find cultural influences in her works. Her artistic exploration includes but is not limited to portraiture, children’s book illustrations, art journaling, mural art, typography and calligraphy works. She has worked with local organizations such as TPT PBS, The Minnesota Museum of American Art, Minnesota Public Radio, The Ordway and Hmong Museum to connect community through her artistry.

Joy Spika

Joy Spika


Joy Spika is a black identifying artist with a mixed cultural background. She incorporates her personal stories into all of her work. She is a mixed media artist with a deep love for aerosol murals, painting, and textile art. She believes in the power of art to heal and connect people. From a young age she has used art as a fundamental form of expression and communication. Joy finds Inspiration through her intuitive understanding of the world around her and those things that aren’t always visible. Joy uses her art as a channel to retrieve messages from her ancestors and guides. Art has always been her primary spirituality.

Kao Lee Thao

Kao Lee Thao


Kao Lee Thao is the visual artist and 3D animator behind Inner Swirl, where she taps into the subconscious and releases hidden inner swirls in paintings. All of her inspirations come from her dreams and personal experiences. With every stroke she leaves behind a window into her soul, hoping to spark inspiration in others to transport viewers to a world of fantasy, reminding us not to forget what imagination can accomplish in life.

Thomasina Topbear

Thomasina Topbear


Thomasina Topbear is a self-taught Oglala Lakota & Santee Dakota muralist. She is a member of the international all-female paint crew “Few & Far Women” and helped co-found City Mischief Murals, an all Black, Indigenous, and Pacific Islander mural collective. Thomasina has organized a number of local and national community-based murals focusing on youth, women & Indigenous artists. Thomasina’s influences come from her Oceti Sakowin culture and graffiti-style type lettering. She uses murals to express her feelings on community, social justice, spirituality, feminism, and togetherness.


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