The way we eat is changing—from an addiction to processed food to a new focus on local, sustainable, more healthful alternatives. Artists have been major catalysts in this process, and they continue to critique industrial agriculture and consumerism by gardening, farming, and serving food in fresh ways.

Art on the Farm

The Wormfarm Institute is putting the culture back in agriculture | Sauk County, Wisconsin

The Hive

Lattice work sculpture raises awareness of pollinators | Wolfgang Buttress, London, United Kingdom

Conflict Kitchen

Highlighting through food and art the countries with which the U.S. is in conflict | Jon Rubin and Dawn Waleski, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Food Hazards

Food-based artworks have audiences hungering for more


Exploring sugar's bitter colonial legacy | Kara Walker, New York, New York

A Nourishing Career

From the neighborhood to the world | Seitu Jones, St. Paul, Minnesota