A bald, lightly bearded Black man wearing glasses smiles slight at the viewer

Christopheraaron Deanes

2022 Mid-Career Professional Development Grantee | $5,000

Industrial porcelain Enamel as Public Art

Christopheraaron Deanes will continue learning about porcelain enamel processes from experts in 2022 and work with them by spending 12 hours of coaching time. He is a public and gallery artist developing continued practices in metal enamel paint. Funds will be allocated toward professional instruction, coaching, demonstrations, supplies, and final pieces. These tutorials will aid in the completion of eight metal enamel panels which will be shown in the African American History Museum in 2023.

Christopheaaron’s work contextualizes conversations and environments that challenge perceptions. These perceptions that foster critical thinking requiring connections and social engagement. He enjoys finding strategies that connect understandings about race, social civility, and benevolence. Christopheraaron paints oils and creates public artwork with metal enamel.

The McKnight Foundation generously enables Forecast to provide Professional Development Grants for mid-career artists seeking to expand their work in the field of public art. Forecast mid- and early-career grants are designed to support independent projects, leadership development, professional development, risk-taking, multidisciplinary approaches, and collaborative problem-solving in the field of public art.