a womxn with long hair wears a bandana over the lower half of their face

Constanza Carballo

2022 Mid-Career Project Grantee | $10,000

Second Shift Community Mural Workshop

Constanza Carballo and Second Shift Studio Space will partner to create a community-driven 10-foot by 15-foot mural on an exterior wall of their building that is frequently vandalized with racial slurs. Through this project, they endeavor to 1) strengthen connections between Second Shift and its Payne Avenue neighborhood, and 2) give hands-on experience to two aspiring muralists on how to center community in creative placemaking.

Constanza Carballo is best known for turning acrylic paintings as well as murals into voice pieces that highlight the marginalized. Inspired by her own bicultural and bilingual upbringing as an immigrant in the south Minneapolis Philips community, Constanza began painting murals at the age of 13 and has since been recognized as a statement maker. Her art, a form of community activism, has travelled through Latin America, Europe, and throughout the U.S. Here in Minnesota, she has brought fellow women artists together internationally and locally through large scale community events to celebrate International Women’s Day and specifically bringing attention to the inequalities women face in all sectors of society including economic, political, workforce, healthcare, and education. Her most recent physical art series; the Monarchildren, gives specific importance to the ongoing crisis at the border, where migrant families are separated, and children are in cages. The series depicts real images of children facing these tragedies as monarchs, while telling the story of actual monarchs who travel every year during their famous migration. The idea is simple, yet forgotten; in(migración) es natural; im(migration) is natural.

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